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Why Hire Us?

There are three reasons sellers hire us:  Experience, Results and Resources.


We sell more each year than 99% of the agents in San Francisco year after year.  This gives us tremendous market knowledge to know how to best price, position and prepare your home for sale.  We are ranked #1 in the Keller Williams San Francisco Market Center, and #19 in all of San Francisco (out of 4,000+ agents) in tems of families served.


We consistently get our clients market leading sale prices for their properties.  Every home and every client’s situation is different, but the process that we follow is not. We have a systematic and documented method for preparing and marketing a home that consistently delivers exceptional results.  We follow approximately 100 individual steps to make sure our listings are prepared, marketed and sold to our quality and presentation standards (you can see our checklist here).


When you hire us to sell your home, you’re hiring a team of full time professionals. You get a dedicated project manager that focuses solely on making sure all of the well over 100 discrete tasks associated with bringing your property to market are handled capably and correctly.  We also have a full time buyer finder that calls prospects, leads and agents all day to find the perfect buyer for your home.  You get three full time team agents and an army of Keller Williams agents eager to bring you a buyer.

When we meet, we will review our detailed Sales & Marketing proposal, which outlines the full scope of services we provide, including pricing strategies, our unique selling proposition, our team model and details about our marketing tactics.

When you hire us to sell your home, you're getting an elite team of professionals that are masters of our craft.