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Dillon Milton


Dillon joins the Level Up team after a meaningful experience as a Yolo County homeless outreach coordinator.  He’s learned from life experience that the secret to leveling up means adding more value to people’s lives. Dillon is dedicated to helping people. He intentionally surrounds himself with people who are more experienced and wiser than he is because he recognizes this is how to grow.

Sharing industry knowledge and experience is one of the most valuable aspects of being part of the Level Up team. Having a growth mindset is a core value of Dillon’s business. He appreciates diverse personalities and understands how to learn from those around him.

He has a clear vision about expanding his business. One of his strengths is consistently coming up with creative ways to serve his clients. This is what sets the stage for exceeding people’s expectations. Dillon believes that attention to detail is one of the factors that separates good service from an exceptional experience. Being detail oriented pulls him away from his competition and benefits the client in every transaction.

Originally from Woodland, CA, Dillon grew up around and loves animals. Those are the causes that are near to his heart. In his free time, he and his wife are deeply committed to their community and are volunteer leaders in their church.