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Listing Checklist

A clearly defined and structured process is needed to produce a successful listing.

It takes over 100 steps to produce and sell your home. We use these checklists to ensure that even the smallest detail is handled properly and on time.

New Listing Signed
¨ Save listing agreement to GDrive
¨ Announce new listing to the team
¨ Send client kickoff email
¨ Open escrow
¨ Introduce team to clients
¨ Agent and Assistant Review Meeting
¨ Client Services Manager Introduction - Contact #1
¨ Make Duplicate Keys
¨ Attach Lockbox
¨ Add new listing to team white board in office
¨ Verify or add the client is on the Client Masterlist
¨ Verify escrow has opened and prelim title report is ordered
¨ Order For Sale Sign
¨ Order Property website
¨ Add property to Sales Tracker
¨ Add property to Sales Records (MM and DL)
Schedule Vendors
¨ Send Vendor Selection Check-list to Michael See attached files...
¨ Schedule Vendors for Vendor Appointment 2 comments
¨ e-mail Client the Project Calendar - Contact #2
¨ Schedule Vendors for Service (based on client feedback on MM)
¨ e-mail client for vendor pre-payment & contract signing
¨ Create Project Calendar
¨ Send Water & Energy Report to Pam + save to Property GDrive
¨ Send Client info to Paul @ Citywide (Water & Energy)
¨ Create project cost detail
¨ Review and approved budget with clients
¨ Schedule vendors to begin work
¨ Inform vendors they have been selected/not selected
¨ Send Project Calendar to client
¨ Verify Floor Plan has been received
¨ Approve Final Floor Plan
¨ Send Floor Plan to Pam + Open Homes + Zena
¨ Send General and Pest Report to Pam + save to Property GDrive

¨ Review and Approve Marketing Copy
¨ Create Coming Soon page
¨ Create List of Improvements or FAQ
¨ Create Interior Sign Content (if applicable)
¨ Finalize Floorplan & LOI/FAQ
¨ Finalize Property Logo
¨ Finalize Neighborhood Map
¨ Create and mail neighborhood invites
¨ Create and mail just listed postcard
¨ Finalize Brochure
¨ Create and print property statements
¨ Finalize Interior Signs
¨ Create facebook photo album
¨ Schedule Interior Photos
¨ Finalize Photos
¨ Post Videos to Property website and
¨ Post 3-D walk-thru to Property website and
¨ Send Marketing Copy to Jen K
¨ Send OH Calendar Invites to Team
¨ e-Mail Client LIVE Property Website See attached files...
Market Launch
¨ Create MLS Posting
¨ Create TAN Posting
¨ Schedule Lender for Brokers Tour
¨ Add Neighbor Open House, Broker Open House and Weekend/Twilight to MM calendar
¨ Order Food for First Open House
¨ NEIGHBOR OH - Shopping List & Supplies 2 comments
¨ OPEN HOUSE PREP: Bring collateral - reg cards - misc
¨ Create Facebook ad campaign
¨ Update with For Sale
¨ Verify online sites are accurate
¨ Create Google form for disclosures
¨ Conduct Agent Inspection
¨ Complete AVID
¨ Send Announcement Email
¨ Send Next Steps email
¨ Introduce Escrow Officer to clients
¨ Add Ratified Contract to GDrive
¨ Change sign rider to SOLD or SALE PENDING
¨ Update to In Contract
¨ Send Timeline to clients
¨ Update property website
¨ Update office white board
¨ Notify stager with tentative de-staging date
¨ Update sales tracker

During Escrow
¨ Send week 1 update to sellers
¨ Verify appraisal is scheduled
¨ Verify appraisal is good
¨ Remove appraisal contingency
¨ Verify financing is good
¨ Remove finance contingency
¨ Ask escrow to schedule signing with sellers
¨ Send week 2 update to sellers
Closing Prep - Week Before COE
¨ Coordinate de-staging
¨ Prepare property for transfer
¨ Coordinate key handoff with buyer's agent
¨ Prepare closing gift
¨ Order sign removed
Post Close
¨ Update
¨ Update property website
¨ Update sales tracker
¨ Update master client list
¨ Send client thank you gift
¨ Create a Just Sold postcard
¨ Remove from white board

Our processes allow us to get superior results for our clients, consistenly.