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Should You Consider Buying in a Shifting Market?

October 30 2018
October 30 2018


Buying a home in a shifting market allows you to create certainty and start building up your equity.

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Have you heard that interest rates are rising? Or maybe that home prices are falling? Or perhaps that, here in the Bay Area, fewer and fewer multiple-offer situations are happening?

These things may be true, but it also may still be a great time to buy in our shifting market.

One of the
best reasons to buy in a shifting market is to create certainty. This might sound surprising, but you want to create certainty when it comes to how much you’re paying for your home on a monthly basis. By waiting and watching interest rates rise, you’ll only end up paying more for your monthly mortgage payment than if you bought right now and locked in an interest rate.

"If you’re making mortgage payments every month, a portion of that goes right back into your equity."

If you’re currently renting, switching over to buying can also allow you to start building equity. If you’re making rent payments every month, you can only save what’s above that. If you’re making mortgage payments every month, a portion of that goes right back into your equity.

The bottom line is this: We won’t know the exact moment when we’ve reached the peak of the market, and we won’t know when we’ve reached the bottom either.

If you think you want to get started on your home buying journey, or you’re thinking about selling your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be glad to help you.


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Levi MacGregor

November 05, 2018 12:51 AM

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